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Executive Committee

Board Level Action Items


Person Responsible

Date Due

Metric Noting Completion

Resources Needed

Follow up: Auburn & Alabama regarding interest in USCA


Mar 15

Report to board


Discussion of content in newsletter and website

Collins & Butler

Apr 1

Report to board


Discuss periodicity of Outstanding Dean Award

MarCom/ Collins

Feb 7

Report to board


Funnel research grant information to MarCom for exposure

Davis & Collins


Report to Board


Clarify bylaws regarding 1st and 2nd level sales courses

Dixon with Schofield, Dale, Inks, & Peltier

Mar 15

Report to Board


Further investigate whether we can do more data sharing, corporate relationships, exposure of research aligned with USCA members



Report to Board


Launch Certified Sales Student Task Force


Feb 10

T.F. recruited; charter shared


Changes/additions to FAQs on website


Apr 1

Report to board


Determine Sales SIG funding ($1K/year or $2.5K/year)

Erffmeyer & Davis

Mar 15

Update budget


Submit proposal to 3M for Case Workshop; schedule workshop leader


Apr 1

Report to board


Respond to execs making request of industry certification with declination


Feb 15

Email sent


Additional meeting activities (research presentations, case workshop) may be held on Wednesday September 30th

Meeting Planning

Apr 15

Updated agenda


Online registration for fall mtg; online payment for membership dues

Butler & Inks

May 15

Set up


Each committee determines better use of website for committee needs

Committee Chairs

May 1

Report to board